The most biggest Dog in the world

The most biggest Dog in the world

World’s biggest dog: Meet Zeus, the Great Dane who set the record, plus other massive breeds.

Looking at a Great Dane next to a Chihuahua is quite the sight. While Great Danes often stand around 32 inches tall, a Chihuahua’s average height is under 9 inches. 

Geneticists are trying to find an explanation for this. In this age of modern domestication, why are the largest dog breeds up to 40 times bigger than the smallest? The answer is still unclear, but scientists found a growth hormone variant that traces back to ancient wolves.

So, what are the biggest dogs across the canine world? Here are the largest dogs and breeds to know. 

What is the biggest dog in the world?

The biggest dog in the world by height was Zeus, a Great Dane from Otsego, Michigan. According to the Guinness World Records, Zeus was 44 inches tall and 7 feet, 4 inches on his hind legs

Despite his intimidating height, Zeus’ owner Kevin Doorlag said he regularly visited schools and hospitals as a therapy dog. Zeus died at age 5 in September 2014. 

The world’s tallest living dog is coincidentally also named Zeus, a Great Dane from Bedford Texas. At just 3 years old, Zeus is about 41 inches tall and stands at 7 feet, 4 inches on his hind legs. 

Zeus’ owner, Brittany Davis, was gifted the pup when he was 8 weeks old.
Today, he enjoys walks around the neighborhood and the local farmer’s market and sleeping by the window. He eats 12 cups of “Gentle Giants” dog food per day, Davis told Guinness.  

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