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See Why This 22-year-old Kenyan man is Dating Woman Older Than His Mum

  • A Kenyan woman aged 42, Terry and her 22-year-old lover, Promise, have publicly declared their love for each other
  • The woman shared that her husband dumped her, and her young lover gave her a shoulder to lean on
  • The two disclosed that they were madly in love and nothing could keep them apart from each other

A 42-year-old woman Terry has professed love for her 22-year-old lover Promise. The woman revealed that she was in a toxic relationship with her ex, who dumped her. See Why This 22-year-old Kenyan man is Dating Woman Older Than His Mum.

“I had a toxic ex, and I was in a toxic relationship in which my ex was travelling a lot. Whenever we would fight, he would go away and travel. There was no communication. Something happened, and I was accused of cheating… The guy is also a media person, so he insisted he wanted media evidence. That is how we got into the loyalty test.”

How their love brew

Terry noted that her young lover came to her rescue, which is how they started their journey.

The two met during a loyalty test clip and, from then on, kept in touch.

“He used to see that my ex was blaming me for everything. So a lot of things happened so recently I lost a baby and that is where he came to comfort me.”

According to Promise, the young lover was trying to patch things up between his lover and her ex but noticed that the guy had issues.

“He had ego games. All the issues he dumped on her. In the process… actually, people are saying that I got with Terry because she has money and is well up but that is not the case. I was the one who was using my money on her. Love happens. We found ourselves in love.”

Terry was married but claimed she felt alone in the union.

“I genuinely love him. No pretence no nothing. For the few months we have known each other I have felt loved. He did things extraordinarily.”

Promise revealed that he had never posted a partner’s image on social media, but Terry was different.

“I love her so much. I have never posted anywhere on Whatsapp. I have posted her on Youtube and TikTok.”

Promise has not yet introduced her to family

“When we go to see our parents I will put it out there for you guys. My mum obviously has seen this thing. She told me that we will talk about it when we meet.”

Promise also revealed that Terry is older than his mum.

“My mum is 40. Someone said that this love is pretty annoying.”

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Guardian Angel and Esther Musila

The case of Terry and her young lover is similar to Kenya’s Guardian Angel and Esther Musila, who have a huge age difference but continue serving couple goals.

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Guardian Angel, who is 33 years old, fell in love with 52-year-old Musila and stood by his decision regardless of the harsh criticism on social media.

Speaking to SPM Buzz, Musila said they were trolled and decided to give critics a deaf ear.

Musila also revealed that she lost many friends after word went viral that she was dating Guardian, a younger man than her.

“I remember we stayed in the house, sat on the bed and cried. I was like, who have we wronged?” she said.

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