2023 NOVDEC Registration Deadline, Fees, and Exam Dates

2023 NOVDEC Registration Deadline, Fees, and Exam Dates: Your Second Chance for Success

For those who faced the challenges of the WASSCE and seek a chance at redemption, the NOVDEC examination serves as a golden opportunity. Designed as a second chance for individuals with lower WASSCE grades, NOVDEC, organized by WAEC, offers a private exam avenue that doesn’t require candidates to be enrolled in senior high school before attempting it.

Understanding the rigorous nature of the WASSCE and the unforeseen circumstances that can hinder optimal preparation, NOVDEC emerges as a lifeline. It provides a platform for students who may be academically capable but find themselves needing to improve specific subject grades to meet the cut-off requirements for their desired tertiary programs.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into crucial details regarding the NOVDEC registration deadline, fees, and the eagerly awaited exam starting dates.

When is the Deadline for 2023 NOVDEC Registration?

Mark your calendars: the deadline for registering for the 2023 NOVDEC is 8th October 2023. This is your window of opportunity to secure your spot and pave the way for an improved academic journey.

When is the 2023 NOVDEC Starting?

Prepare for a transformative journey as the 2023 NOVDEC kicks off on Monday, 31st October 2023, continuing its mission of academic empowerment through to Tuesday, 20th December 2023.

Fees for NOVDEC Registration 2023

Investing in your educational future comes with a price, and the NOVDEC registration fees for 2023 are as follows:

  • For 6 or more subjects: GH¢570.99
  • 5 subjects: GH¢545.50
  • 4 subjects: GH¢518.34
  • 3 subjects: GH¢487.80
  • 2 subjects: GH¢469.11
  • 1 subject: GH¢450.44
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Fees for Oral/Practical/Project Work

Candidates enrolling for Orals, Practicals, or subjects involving Project Works will have additional fees:

  • Oral (English and French): GH¢45.00
  • Practical: GH¢60.00
  • Project Work: GH¢60.00

How to Register for NOVDEC 2023 – BIOMETRIC

Embark on your NOVDEC journey step by step:

  1. Scan your fingerprints, typically available at local internet cafes.
  2. Access the NOVDEC registration website,, preferably using Google Chrome.
  3. Choose the WASSCE for Private Candidates option.
  5. Fill in essential security information like passwords and security questions.
  6. Input your personal information.
  7. Upload your photograph.
  8. Capture and upload your signature.
  9. Select your preferred examination Region and Centre.
  10. Choose the subjects you intend to write.
  11. Print your voucher and submit it to any official bank for registration payment.
  12. Make the required fees payment at the bank.
  13. Utilize your PIN/Invoice Number to access your Index Number and Admission details.

List of Banks Approved to Pay for NOVDEC

Choose from these approved banks to process your NOVDEC registration payment:

  • Prudential Bank (GH) Limited
  • Zenith Bank (GH) Limited
  • Bank of Africa (GH) Limited
  • United Bank of Africa (UBA)
  • Ecobank (GH) Limited
  • Access Bank
  • FBN Bank (GH) Limited
  • Consolidated Bank (GH) Limited
  • Agricultural Development Bank (ADB)

NOVDEC Online Registration Guidelines

Follow these guidelines to ensure a seamless NOVDEC registration process:

  • Scanned photographs should have dimensions of 160px (width) and 200px (height).
  • Scanned signatures should have dimensions of 250px (width) and 150px (height).
  • After completing the registration, preview your form before submitting it.
  • Once submitted, an invoice indicating the due amount will be generated.
  • Print this invoice and take it to the bank for payment.
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For candidates seeking modifications or additions, a penalty module is available. Payment is necessary for these changes, and the process includes:

  1. Visiting the NOVDEC website ( using Google Chrome.
  2. Selecting the Penalty Type.
  3. Making the required modifications.
  4. Submitting the changes.
  5. Printing the modification invoice and paying at the bank.

Timetable for 2023 NOVDEC

To access the 2023 NOVDEC timetable, simply click on the Timetable icon on the WAEC registration website ( Familiarize yourself with the timetable to avoid scheduling clashes.

Who needs to write NOVDEC?

Candidates with WASSCE grades of D7 or worse can benefit from NOVDEC. This examination provides a chance to enhance these grades to at least a minimum of C6.

Can I write NOVDEC if I’m still in School?

Yes, both second-year students and those still in school can register for NOVDEC. It’s common for second-year students to write NOVDEC as a preparation strategy before their final exams in form 3. Others who haven’t yet written WASSCE can also register for NOVDEC in the same year to ensure readiness for potential tertiary applications.

What if I write NOVDEC and fail again?

Should you not achieve the desired grades after attempting NOVDEC, you might consider re-writing the examination or exploring mature entrance programs. Additionally, some universities offer pre-school programs, allowing a transition to full degree programs after a year of preparation.

Will NOVDEC replace my WASSCE results?

Yes, if your NOVDEC grades are better than your WASSCE grades, they can replace the latter. However, if your NOVDEC grades are worse, they may not be usable and could be disregarded.

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How many times can I write NOVDEC?

There are no limits to the number of times you can attempt NOVDEC. Feel free to write it multiple times to enhance your grades.

Can I write NOVDEC after 30 years?

Yes, the NOVDEC examination is open to all, even after 30 years. If you haven’t taken the WASSCE, you can apply for NOVDEC to obtain certification for further education.

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