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Young Man Sentenced To 1 Year Imprisonment For Playing Loud Music

A Barcelona man was given a one-year prison term after a judge determined that he had been frightening his neighbors with loud electronic music for at least five years.

A court in Mataró, Barcelona, Spain recently decided against a man who allegedly had been playing loud techno music and driving his neighbors insane.

The man’s neighbors’ horror started in 2012 when he started playing his excruciatingly loud music day and night.

The man was repeatedly asked to tone down the volume, and the local police were called, but he refused, so everyone was forced to put up with it.

Three neighbors who resided in a house connected to the accused’s filed a complaint against him in 2015 after putting up with nearly three years of loud techno music. They alleged that the nonstop thumping music was harming them mentally and physically.

The defendant allegedly disregarded the objections of his neighbors and the police officers’ warnings, all of whom gave testimony against him in court.

In this case, the sister of one of the victims said that “the boom boom could not be resisted, my bones were vibrating” after hearing a “continuous ‘boom boom’” coming from the home of the accused.

Measurements of sound throughout the five years of audio terror revealed that the electronic music was far louder than the legal limit of 35 decibels, exceeding 57 decibels during the day and evening and 56 decibels at night.

According to reports, the music was so loud that nearby residences’ belongings were frequently trembling.

According to one of the elderly neighbors who was terrified by the loud music, he had insomnia and needed to take sedative-hypnotic medication, and another neighbor’s Alzheimer’s disease deteriorated as a result of the stress of having to put up with the loud electronic music.


The accused was found to have continued playing the loud music while fully aware of the effects it was having on his neighbors, the court ruled.

The defendant played his loud ‘boom boom’ music for the entire neighborhood to hear between at least 2012 and 2017, disobeying police warnings and his neighbors’ pleadings.

Strangely, the defendant admitted to receiving several police visits but denied ever playing electronic music loud enough to annoy his neighbors.

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