Strategy of fake lawyer Brian Mwenda who won all 26 cases cases handled revealed

The strategy employed by the fake lawyer Brian Mwenda, who managed to win all 26 cases he handled, has not been explicitly outlined in the information you provided. However, based on the information available, it appears that the imposter’s success in these cases was likely a result of various fraudulent activities rather than genuine legal expertise. The key elements of his strategy seem to include:

1. Impersonation: Brian Mwenda impersonated a legitimate lawyer with a similar name, which allowed him to gain unauthorized access to the legal system and pose as a practicing attorney.

2. Business Email Compromise (BEC): The imposter utilized a common international fraud scheme known as Business Email Compromise. This involved manipulating the LSK’s email system and using incorrect credentials to gain access to the advocate’s portal.

3. Manipulating Profile and Information: Once he gained access to the portal, the fake lawyer modified his profile, including his picture and workplace details, to further establish his false identity as a practicing attorney.

4. Attempting to Apply and Pay for a Practicing Certificate: The imposter attempted to apply for and pay for a practicing certificate through the compromised portal. However, this application was not fully processed as he was required to provide additional documents, including the certificate of business incorporation.

It is important to note that the imposter’s actions were fraudulent and illegal. His success in winning cases was not due to legal expertise but rather to deceptive and unauthorized access to the legal system. His activities have raised concerns and legal consequences, and the Law Society of Kenya has reported the matter to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

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