Paunce Mimic’s Musical Journey

Meet Michael Owusu, professionally known as Paunce Mimic, a versatile Ghanaian artist born on October 30, 2003. Growing up in the vibrant city of Accra and later continuing his education in Asante Akyem South (Dampong), Paunce Mimic’s journey into the world of music reflects his diverse experiences and influences.

Paunce Mimic began his academic journey at Accra (Nungua) St. Peters Anglican Primary ‘B,’ later continuing to Asante Akyem South (Dampong) for Junior High School. His high school years were completed at Konongo Odumasi Senior High (Great KOSS), providing a rich backdrop for his artistic development.
Paunce Mimic is not bound by a single genre. His musical prowess spans rap, singing, reggae, hip hop, Afro pop, showcasing a dynamic ability to adapt and create across various styles. This versatility sets him apart as an artist capable of navigating the diverse landscape of the music industry


Born to Fenteng Mary and Martin Owusu Akoi, Paunce Mimic’s roots run deep in the community of Asante Akyem South (Dampong). His familial ties and local upbringing contribute to the authenticity and richness of his artistic expression.

Hailing from Asante Akyem South (Dampong), Paunce Mimic draws inspiration from the cultural tapestry of his hometown. The vibrant sounds, traditions, and stories of Asante Akyem South form an integral part of his artistic narrative, infusing his music with a unique blend of local flavor.

Paunce Mimic’s journey from Accra to Asante Akyem South (Dampong) and through the halls of Konongo Odumasi Senior High School has shaped him into a versatile and culturally rooted artist. With the ability to seamlessly traverse genres, Paunce Mimic is set to make a significant impact on the Ghanaian and global music scene.

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