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I can’t be with a man who’s not ready to marry 4 wives – ‘Considerate lady snvc54zxHJ

The video shared by Tinuke Vibes has rapidly gained attention, with a caption that asked, “What do you think about this?” In the video, she boldly laid out her marriage conditions, stating, “You are not for me alone. You are for us. We, girls, are more than guys. You can marry me as the first, second, third, or fourth. I am considerate. You are not for me alone. You are for us. That is why you marry someone rich and capable.”

Tinuke stressed that she was not selfish and was open to the idea of sharing her future husband with three other wives. Her statement that “men are more than men” has provoked a variety of responses from social media users, challenging conventional views on monogamous relationships.

The video’s comment section was inundated with diverse opinions. User omatana_cares pointed out that “Polygamy is not for poor men who know this and know peace,” while user imamghazaliy001 emphasized, “The essence of polygamy is not for men to marry many wives but for every woman to have a husband.”

User aadila1014 warned Tinuke Vibes about possible future consequences, remarking, “Five years from now, this video will surface again and haunt you. I pray when the time comes, make that man treat you equally so you won’t come back here to call him out.” In contrast, user Negraitta advocated for the respect of different perspectives, stating, “Respectfully, we girls don’t have to change our mindset. You should continue your practices amongst yourselves. ❤️❤️ more power to you. May God never mix the man you want with mine, and may the man you want wish be far from me.”

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This video has sparked a wider discussion on societal norms, gender roles, and the acceptance of non-traditional relationship structures, with social media users actively contributing to the conversation.

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