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Over 168,000 Ghanaian married women cheat on their husbands — Report

It is true that some married women may engage in extramarital affairs.

According to the 2022 Ghana Demographic and Health Survey by the GSS, 3.8% of married women in Ghana have had extramarital affairs. Only 0.9% reported multiple partners. Among divorced/separated/widowed women, 4.0% have multiple partners, and 46.6% have had intercourse outside marriage. For women aged 15-24, 3.5% reported multiple partners, and 46.1% had encounters outside their marital status, Over 168,000 Ghanaian married women cheat on their husbands — Report.

On the other hand, the survey revealed that 17.5% of married Ghanaian men engage in extramarital relationships, with two out of ten having multiple partners. Additionally, 18.4% of these men have been sexually active with someone other than their spouses. Among divorced, separated, or widowed men, 18.7% have multiple partners, with 69.9% admitting to extramarital intercourse.

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